David Cameron starts his own inquisition against magic

If UK Prime minister David Cameron gets his way, esoteric sites such as this one will be banned in the UK.

In a move not seen since the repeal of the Witchcraft Act, Cameron wants his “porn filter” tuned to delete “esoteric interests.”

The discovery that occultism was on the list of filtered content was found using an a freedom of information request.  It is not as if David was prepared to tell people who did not look first.

It is not clear what Cameron has against the occult, maybe the thought of people dancing naked in the New Forrest brings him out in a cold sweat.   But occultists, witches and druids, can be reassured that their religion, beliefs and philosophises will be purged from the British web in order to “protect children”.

The man who cares about his own child enough to leave her in a pub because they forgot he bought her is presuming to lecture others.

While it will be possible for occult groups to have websites and for these to be found by those looking, under Cameron’s law they will be blocked by default.

If you want access to those sites you will have to confess to your partner and your ISP that you want to go to porn sites, which Cameron is banking that many people will not want to do.

Also on the list is information about proxy sites which will enable you to find occult sites.  It is probably a good idea to search for them now and have a list when the filter falls.

What is annoying for many occultists is that this filter will not even manage its primary aim, to stop kids and paedophiles watching porn.  Kids of today and paedophiles already know how to bi-pass filters, even if Cameron doesn’t.

There is a petition being started up against the filter which can be found here .

47 thoughts on “David Cameron starts his own inquisition against magic

  1. Dis says:

    A more specific petition is being formed. See here for more

    • Soda Lee says:

      How dare he! In this day and age to still control our ‘spiritual beliefs’. Paganism and Wicca – ‘Wisecraft’ is the most peaceful, beautiful and natural spirituality one could ever ask for. It shows respect for nature and all living beings. It is the spirit we were born with before being corrupted. It is is also the fastest growing spiritual path today.

      The Earth is our church, it promotes ‘Do good for others’ and most importantly, in this violence accepting Patriarchal world, it honours the heart and soul of females and males equally! Humanity is not just one….it is duel!
      Science has proved long ago in discovering the Mitochondrial DNA, that ALL life starts Female, yet they still promote a spiritual path which denies this fact!
      MAJIC is nothing more that ‘positive affirmation’ based on intuition, which is obviously a ‘sense’ still undeveloped in many males.
      Not hard to see why!….it is still feared!
      I suppose Islam and it’s hacking and stoning, and murder of Mothers, Daughters, Wives and Sisters, and 7 so called Virgins concept is ok!
      Goddess help is all I can say.

  2. alexsumner says:

    Reblogged this on Sol Ascendans – The Website of Alex Sumner and commented:
    OK, Cameron, shit just got real…

  3. Ina Custers says:

    Reblogged this on Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight and commented:
    This is really alarming; a modern inquisition against western esoterics has been released by the current prime minister of the UK. He wants to violate our religious rights!

  4. Mara says:

    Reblogged this on A Life Most Ordinary and commented:
    I feel very strongly against censorship, in my house will not be opting out of any sites at all. I actually don’t care if my partner watches porn! He is an adult male he can do as he pleases – and who knows, I could benefit from it in the long run ;)
    Will this protect kids? Well, it will not address issues like predatory paedophiles using online forums and childrens’ websites for grooming purposes. It *might* stop them seeing disturbing images or then again, the websites might just attach themselves onto seemingly innocent ones and automatically load, as I have seen happen in the past. And most teens these days are savvy enough to get round filters.
    Filters are not an effective replacement for personal responsibility. Not a very PC point of view. But there you go.

  5. Ajaashb says:

    This is crazy. Lumping porn and esoterics together. The message that this sends to the general public is rather disturbing.

  6. Tammie Scott says:

    now I’m not a lover of pornography but I am Wiccan and blocking occult websites would hinder me following my religion path. it’s stupid

  7. mist42nz says:

    can we get a confirmation on this, and then kick it for some globalisation on a recognised petition site?

  8. The thrust of the piece is accurate but there is little point personalising it to Cameron. Like Miliband would repeal it? The war against free thinking is on, the system – in all it’s guises – is against us.

  9. Petra Muths says:

    This reminds me of the Nazi ban on so-called “occultism” in 3rd Reich Germany. Even the Freemasons were shut down by Hitler and consorts. The reason was that the Nazis themselves had cooked up an “occultism” of their own, for instance the Wewelsburg in Westphalia was remodelled to suit their perverted SS gatherings as a “spiritual elite”, hence researchers like Otto Rahn were sent to Southern France in search of the Holy Grail. The Nazis wanted all “occultism” to themselves, hidden from the public, because they feared “competition”….and it is very interesting that at the Nuremberg Trials the question of Nazi involvement in “esotericism” was never mentioned.

  10. It’s a little unclear whether blocking ‘esoteric material’ is definitely part of the plan – only one news source has this category listed. I’d like to find more confirmation of this before I sign petitions. Of course, if it is true, there’s work to be done by Pagans to challenge it.

    • Nick Evetts says:

      I think the above comment makes a good point ONLY one news source has said this I want to see the reply to the request before I jump on the bandwagon, yes Cameron has stated that the filter is anti porn but did he answer the request or was it some Whitehall busybody looking to start a media storm?

  11. Jem Farmer - Boi Poet says:

    Reblogged this on Jem Farmer.

  12. Jem Farmer - Boi Poet says:

    I want to say I am shocked and surprised – sadly I am not Cameron and the tories have no respect for freedom of speech or human rights

  13. Could someone explain the header tag, “Revealing the lies of occult leaders?”

  14. […] David Cameron starts his own inquisition against magic (watcherofthedawn.wordpress.com) […]

  15. I am not really surprised: Once a tool for, for instance, censorship is in place, politicians will be tempted to use it more and more.

    However, I am little surprised that the UK vs. the occult would be the first potential case. I had imagined e.g. my native Sweden vs. anti-feminist or allegedly racist contents. (Sweden having an extreme problem with political intolerance of those not adherring to main-stream opinion, as well as failing to see the difference between opinion and actual action.)

  16. as a male wiccan witch i find this move by david cameron a insult how dare he put us in the same category as porn and pedophile porn its sick

  17. Chris Totton says:

    This is not only sectarian but also shows religious discrimination. There are so many other religions being practised in Britain just now that in my opinion are causing real problems but it seems that Mr Cameron is not prepared to tackle these issues. Does he not realise that Paganism is one of the most peaceful religions in the world today……..but then again he has less chance of serious repercussions with peace loving people….. does this constitute cowardice?

  18. credencedawg says:

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    this is very important for those living in the UK, please read

  19. I dont believe this.. Cameron is not that daft.. I think this just anti’Tory hysteria.. but if true, then its a gross error.. please provide facts…

    • Yes, Yes and there are so many facts on this both in our story and others now in more reputable magazines. If you don’t chose to believe it, it really is your problem. I voted Tory last election to get rid of the sickness of the Brown government and hoped that some fresh blood would sort the country out. I really stuffed up there. Now the bloke I voted for is going to shut my website down because someone cannot stop their kids looking at porn. I can assure you I will never make that mistake again. It is bad enough that he signed us up for Prism… but this really takes the piss.

  20. Falkenna says:

    My understanding (and experience) is that esoteric material is one of the categories for standard filters (schools, local authorities, etc). While Cameron is unlikely to remove it from the list unless we make things hot for him — the real problem is the public attitudes represented by the ISPs or companies who create the filters. We need to work on them as well, possibly first. I don’t think we would be important enough in Cameron’s eyes for him to think this up himself.

  21. Steve says:

    Cameron is wrong to the power of 2 (superscript z) where z is a very large number indeed.
    I’ve been a witch for nearly forty years and have done a lot of gay porn work, writing it, doing still photography, filming and being filmed. And it’s been great fun, if not very lucrative.
    Where are these loving parents who don’t want their kids accessing aeclectic,com, or porn sites? They’re sure as hell not sitting with their beloved kids making sure they don’t get to see what they don’t want them to see. For the present, at least, the kids are learning about the real world, not some government fantasy world.

  22. Filtering out occult websites is nothing new. Many American libraries have been sued over filtering programs that prevent patrons from accessing different religious and occult websites. This is because a lot of filtering programs on the market are mostly targeted to conservative Christians that want to shelter their children from such material. It seems that David Cameron is taking this type of censorship to a grander scale. Even though I’m American, I find the fact that a politician has this kind of influence over internet access really disturbing.

  23. Eff.org, cpj.org, Here is this article http://www.globalpost.com/dispatches/globalpost-blogs/rights/the-worlds-7-worst-internet-censorship-offenders
    it would seem the United Nations has declared access to the internet (void of censorship) a basic human right. that should give you ammo :)

  24. And excuse me, but I don’t believe it’s the ISP’s you need to be concerned with. Most ISP’s don’t want to deal with censorship, they have enough to deal with trying to keep out those who don’t belong in their systems, at least from my understanding. I think the whole worlds going bonkers between basic human rights for women, censorship, and now, they are literally going on a witch hunt? Umm.. Isn’t paganism protected under religion in the UK?

    • Nigel Paddon says:

      At the last census in UK, most Pagans and Wiccans/Witches etc got classed as “No religion” along with Jedis, Star Trekkies, etc. So (as a Witch), we still aren’t “officially” recognised. There was a petition running prior, for “Pagan – XXX”, but it didn’t really catch on.

      • Nigel Paddon says:

        Sorry! “Petition” should read as “Pledge/signup”. The originators had discussed with ONS on acceptability of “Pagan – [path]” method and so were trying to distribute. (I was spreading it about a bit… lol)

  25. WiZaRd says:

    P.M. Cameron, this is 2013 A.D….
    We’re not in the 17th Century anymore.
    Get a grip and get a life!!

  26. […] David Cameron starts his own inquisition against magic (watcherofthedawn.wordpress.com) […]

  27. Aur says:

    Well boo hoo. I must admit, when I read this I was pretty upset, because I strongly oppose any kind of censorship. But after few minutes spent on internet I came to a conclusion that all the buzz about the ‘esoteric ban’ leads to one website (Open Rights Group). What they actually said is that they spoke with some ISPs and that people will be offered a wide range of choice when it comes to filters. There is no ban, there is no ‘PM told us to’ (and no, I do not like Cameron, nor do I agree with implementing a porn filter nationwide), and THERE ARE NO SOURCES (as few people mentioned above). So all this buzz is a little bit hysterical.

    There are few inaccuracies in the story reported above. First of all Cameron doesn’t start an inquisition against magic. There is no proof that the draft shown on the ORG site exists and there is no mention that it has been suggested by Cameron. Even if it was true and even if it came from Cameron, it’s still just a goddamn filter, not an inquisition. You get a choice whether you want to have access to esoteric content or not. Nobody is going to burn you on stake if you choose to have the access.

    Secondly if you want to have access to esoteric material (if all that is true) you don’t need to confess to your partner that you are watching porn.

    Third of all you don’t need any proxies. You just need to switch the filter off. Well, that is unless you are a teenager and your religiously fanatic parents won’t remove the filter for you. But then again they probably have set up that filter themselves already. And even if that’s the case, well tough. Some of us were teenagers before the internet era and we made do with libraries, bookshops, and social networking. Proper human networking, not FB. And yes, there are proxies, so no biggie, you can still buy your candles online.

    To wrap it up – do I like Cameron? No, I don’t. Do I like his idea of a porn filter? No I think it’s rubbish. Do I believe that the ‘esoteric content’ is on a ‘ban list’. No, I think someone just made it up. Is my life going to change if I’m wrong? Not a jot or tittle. It’s just a bloody filter that can be switched on or off.

    • Source? says:

      The point about a filter is that it changes the nature of access to one based on *permission*. In other words it’s one step removed from Internet access being granted through ‘licence’ (which would require ID). Or to put it more plainly, 99.99999% of the law abiding citizenry are being actively penalised for the actions of 0.00001%. It’s not about flipping a metaphorically simple on/off switch, it’s about the switch being there in the first place.

      • Aur says:

        Oh I absolutely agree. There should be no switch in the first place. However my point is: a) the arguments presented in the article are exaggerated and based on speculation, not on evidence b) even if it’s true it’s not going to affect my life in any way. It will take me less time to switch off the filter than to write this response.
        Of course it is a step too far, regardless whether the filter includes esoteric content or otherwise. Therefore all necessary action (raising awareness, signing petitions, etc.) has to be taken. But let’s stick to facts and not cause hysteria. People are already sharing stories on FB saying that “UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s announced great censorship firewall will include not only pornography, but also esoteric websites.” Really? Announced? Does anyone do any research before pressing the ‘share’ button anymore?

  28. zephyrrine says:

    Reblogged this on Wondering Witchy Eye and commented:
    Religious Intolerance at its best.

  29. Matthew James Whitfield says:

    Oh please really? Its your right to practice or wish to learn what ever you want, not to be dictated to, why let people be shuned due to wanting to learn, meditation and other spiritual practices found online actually can reduce stress levels. So for god sake grow up, and let people be true to themselves.

  30. Falkenna says:

    Nigel Paddon: Sorry, I don’t understand your comments. OK, it took them 18 months to announce it, and I suspect the delay was deliberate, but in the 2011 Census the “Pagan Dash” campaign was very successful, and we are now acknowledged as the 7th largest religion in the UK. OK, we probably *are* higher than that, but it’s a start. A lot of people still fear to declare themselves even with the safeguards of the census process. And the Druids were officially recognized a couple of years back – not sure why they were singled out, but again it’s a start.

  31. David says:

    he is scared of losing next election and will do any thing as.a spp t
    o electorate

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