Anonymous attack site… us?

There is a rumour trying to circulate in the various esoteric blogs which we follow that we are somehow an anonymous attack site which was set up to target a specific magical group.

Ironically the source of these rumours  is a site which has been launching attacks on other Golden Dawn groups where the blogger refuses to sign his name or identify him or herself.

ironicThe site in question uses the same layout and graphics as one run by our favourite comedy Golden Dawn leader David Griffin, however the literary quality is much better so we think it is more of a fansite of one of Griffin’s younger followers.

Like his mentor, Fr ATLV has no problem pontificating about how nice life would be if everyone got along, and how terrible these “anonymous attack blogs” are.

Like his mentor he fails to see that it is classic case of the “pot calling the kettle black.”  Having a long lecture about anonymous attack sites written anonymously is bad enough, but when you park it next to a blog where you rehash Griffin’s long debunked libel that Nick Farrell was member of SRIA you start to look stupid.

To his credit, Griffin has deleted a lot of these posts himself and started running adverts for his AO-Golden Dawn business on his blog instead.  We only hope that he has learnt his lesson and instead of attacking other occultists and making outrageous claims he will start training people and doing some proper magical work.

BTW Fr ATLV is incorrect when he sees us as an attack blog on his order.  Since we have been in operation we have published news on several different orders and different traditions — including Griffin’s sworn enemy Robert Zink.   If you notice we have been naming and shaming individuals and not their Orders.

If Griffin had not been such a tosser to others, we would not have cared about his Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn outer order of the Rosicrucian Order of the Alpha et Omega business at all.

Members of that particular group might wonder how much more credible they would be as a magical group if they did not have Griffin making them look like idiots.  We have been emailed by some seemingly good people in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn outer order of the Rosicrucian Order of the Alpha et Omega who seem to be getting on with their lessons.

It is a little strange when two out of three of them begin each email with the phrase “but we stay out of the inter order politics.”

Unless Fr ATLV and Griffin kick off again, we can’t much news coming our way from Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn outer order of the Rosicrucian Order of the Alpha et Omega.   But this is actually the goal of Watchers of the Dawn. We want to keep an eye on leaders who previously thought that they could behave as they liked and no one would call them out on it.  Now with Watchers around we really hope that group leaders will start to modify their behaviour.

UPDATE:  The anonymous attack site has deleted some posts and changed its links in a bid to stop us linking.  He has replaced it with a  new  post saying that Watcher of the Dawn is being disrespectful because we reported that something was wrong with the Chief of a Golden Dawn Order expelling a member because he insisted on following his doctor’s medical advice.   If you think this is reasonable behavior and should be kept secret we feel sorry for you. We can only assume that who ever your chiefs are, are even more autocratic for you to consider this to be normal and worthy to be kept secret.

In the meantime when Chiefs of any Esoteric Group is behaving badly we will be reporting it.  We are sorry that that this blogger thinks it is a good idea to continue allow Chiefs to abuse their students.

We have updated the links so our readers can see the mental leaps this person is avoiding making and pity him.

Lastly we are not connected to your Golden Dawn wars.  We are none of the people who are mentioned anywhere even those who write comments in our site.

The short of this is if the AO Golden Dawn wants to be left alone by Watcher of the Dawn, it is  going to have to stop attacking people.  While you have an attacking blog or behave badly we will be watching and you will be reported.

One thought on “Anonymous attack site… us?

  1. Pat Zalewski says:

    When I read this post I thought of the cyber attack on Chic’s website some years ago and how he had to close it for a while. It does not take an Einstein to figure out who was behind that. Its ironic that we have here someone claiming something similar. The GP loves to play the martyr to gain sympathy. Frankly since I I have been on his hit for years, possibly more than any other – I am all out of it . The question begs to be asked here is how much of this is real and how much of this is contrived. for the tea and sympathy support? The established pattern we have seen over the years would tend to lead in the direction of the latter rather than the former.

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