The Golden Dawn is revolting against David Griffin


Griffin mounts up to fight off the revolting Golden Dawn community.

It seems that the members of the Golden Dawn community have had enough of the comedy leader of the Rosicrucian Order of the AO, David “cuddle a Satanist or you are a racist” Griffin.

Griffin, who recently hit the headlines with his balls-up attempt to open a satanic hellmouth on his Nevada property, is the subject of a new website which quotes his own words against him.

Dubbed “Griffin’s own words” the site which can be found here  is work of several key members in the Golden Dawn Community from several different occult orders who have been collecting the wit, wisdom and bile of Griffin for the last 20 years in case he tried to sue them.

“For the past two decades Mr. Griffin has levelled some of the most horrible insults and shocking accusations toward the most visible leaders of several Golden Dawn orders; the SRIA; SRIAm; various Golden Dawn and Pagan authors; Llewellyn Worldwide; and many many others,” the site says.

“At different times, we have been accused by him of being secret Satanists; KKK; Nazis; Christian fundamentalists; racists; segregationists; anti-Semites; Holocaust deniers; terrorists; bullies; anti-Pagan; witch hunters; and much much more. He has referred to us collectively as the ‘McGolden Dawn‘; and he insists the SRIA and SRIAm are involved in a deep conspiracy to infiltrate; control; and destroy the Golden Dawn Tradition. He has claimed we sent death threats to his family; performed black magick intended to murder him; and insists that the leaders of our own Temples have threatened to expel or curse us if we do not obey their commands.

“Injury is then added to insult when Mr. Griffin proclaims that we are the ones attacking him.  It is all our fault. We are somehow responsible for the hatred that pours from his mouth; while he plays the victim.  He then begs for peace; before attacking us all over again,”

“This document is simply an archive of quotes attributed to David Griffin, Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega; highlighting the insults and accusations he has levelled against us for many years. Every quote will be linked directly to its source and, where possible, we will capture and archive the original blog post for verification,” the sight says.

Readers are invited to read the uncensored David Griffin’s prose and ask themselves if it sounds like an enlightened master.

The site denies that it is another anonymous attack blog as there will be no news stories or exposes. It will not insult him or attack him. This site will only archive things David Griffin has said over the years. This should be damning enough.

We are told that the site will update itself every time Griffin sticks his foot in his mouth – which should be every week at this rate.

We expect that moves by the Golden Dawn community to distance themselves from Griffin’s antics will be followed by moves within his own temples. Already Watchers has received a few stories from people who have either left Griffin’s group recently or are keen to do so. The feeling appears to be that the AO and the Golden Dawn tradition would be better off without him. We are told that the site has a FB presence.



The FB page is down… it appears that someone complained.



It seems that Watcher has rattled someone’s cage and some sad Griffinitte has spent five minutes attempting a piss pour  attack blog.  It it he claims  some colonial porn … er erotica writer is working for us .   We can only assume that the blog is penned by one of David Griffin’s sock puppets as it lacks the intelligence and humour which appears to be surgically removed as part of a Griffin initiation.  It also makes our lay out skills look adept by comparison.

Needless to say if Mr Drake was working for us  we can assure you our news would be a lot more interesting and references to sky clad jacuzzis would be more salacious.  We are currently asking for some more writers to get news from different traditions and outside the UK as yet we have not taken anyone on yet.






It seems that the Prince of Darkness snubbed David “Hug a Satanist” Griffin and his new chum EA “I am a god”  Koetting’s attempt to open a hell mouth in the Nevada Desert.

An eyewitness said that Koetting started to do the ritual and there was a light wind and dust, which was nothing special given that happens every five minutes outside Vegas.  Certainly, the sky was not rent in twain, and the whore of Babylon did not make an appearing on her five-headed beast.  There was not even an earthquake and not even the smallest rocks split  It was not so much God shuffling his feet as Satan having a yawn.

There was none of the Apocalypse that Koetting bragged online about creating, “no portal to hell opened,” and there was “no scar in the desert which would take years to weather away”.


Satan: No Show

Koetting told the bemused spectators that the purpose of the ritual was not about opening a portal to hell at all. He must have known that they would have thought that because it was what he said on the Internet. So to make up for their obvious disappointment he said that ritual was really designed to make them all Gods. Our eyewitness was a little confused but made no mention of his sudden elevation to Godhood or what he would be doing with his newfound powers.

This was probably because NOTHING HAPPENED. It was classic dark fluff in action.   Firstly, it was billed as the end of the world, it wasn’t, it was then stated to transform you into a God. It did not. It was all hard sell internet hype.

Now David and Koetting might have gotten away with it had they not ignored the basic rule of magic “Be Silent” and bemused a few of their more stupid followers.  Instead they told everyone who would listen that they could open a portal to hell and it turned out that they couldn’t open hell’s catflap.  They claimed that they could turn people into Gods and yet they are the same. As far as dark magic is concerned, they are the Order of the Chocolate Teapot and his infernal Highness was clearly not impressed.

Now there are those who think we have been a little hard on David and his Satanist chums, but as one of our mates who runs a dark magic group points out “this short of shit just makes everyone look stupid.”

So now, David and Koetting can now add “lowering the reputation of black magic” to their CV.

Still we wonder what this means about David’s other claims on his web site. He bravely claims that his Order MAKES MAGICIANS. We thought that one of the primary things about magicians is that they could do magic?


Before the Ritual


After the ritual



More lies and spin coming from David Griffin’s dark satanic shin dig

Either David Griffin and his Satanic cronies think the rest of the world is stupid, or they really do believe that they are the Gods of spin and can lie to everyone else in the occult world. We have been running stories about Griffin and his newfound dark magic chums attempts to build a hell mouth during a Golden Dawn conference.

In response Griffin has been channelling George Bush and claiming that anyone who does not hug a satanist is a Golden Dawn racist Terrorist (see earlier stories). He claimed that thanks to the “Terrorists” efforts, two of the organisers of the portal ritual Scarlett Marie and her husband “Nate” have refused to do the ritual. They are still going to the shin dig but they will not participate. EA Koetting will be bringing about the end of the world on his own.

Yesterday on Facebook,  Marie wrote a piece which indicated that everyone had gotten the focus of the ritual all wrong. Rather then an Aeon Gate opening to destroy everything, the ritual was supposed to remove those things which are holding the human race back from reaching higher consciousness.

“Given the mechanics of the ritual Nate and I did not want to waste our power or resources on a working that was going to have half our focus trying to deflect misunderstood energies… basically to much fucking drama. It is a (sic) apocalyptic working to bring forth the creation and potentiality of “Us” as a whole, magicians, Practioners (sic) and those seeking higher consciousness,” she wrote.

Marie said that the working in no way was Satanic as she did not believe in the “separation of entities” and “Angels and Daemons are a Christian conceptualization that is the final divorced ideal before truly emerging into your own Godhood path.” Our views are completely different from a Satanist, she said.
“Nobody is forced or expected to participate in this ritual… The invitation was extended to those that wanted to benefit from the gate opening. This is a Magick All festival with no attempt to dup (sic) the people of the GD sect to participate in something that they may have taken an Oath against or just don’t agree with. The festival was supposed to be open to all magicians of any paradigm hence why the invitation was extended to any compelled to contribute,” she wrote.
All fair enough and it even swayed Nick Farrell who had been taking the piss about the hell mouth idea generally. He said that it was fairly clear that Marie and Nate had been sold down the river because a description of the ritual by EA Koetting in his video.
“Nothing you described above would have been against any GD Oath and is closer to what I teach…. but the rubbish being spouted by Koetting was full of “dark fluff” hell mouths, and the end of the world shit. If there was doubt in the minds of people watching it was simply because EA Koetting was telling them that,” Farrell wrote.
“It is because someone played up this satanic crap and dumbed down your work to draw lots of morons to the event to sign up to their courses or join their order. Most of what we have been saying has been sarcastic and jokey. It was not targeted at you or your work but the promotion by Koetting and his over the top support by David Griffin,” he added.
So is that the end of the story? Not really. We mentioned that we were being lied to and it all came down to what kicked this all off. This interview with Koetting is with an enthusiastic fan who was talking about the end of the world and how Koetting was going to burn a hole in the desert. The video can be seen here.
The problem with this is the fan looked a little familiar to us and sure enough it turned out to be none other than Marie’s husband Nate.


Nate is on the Left and Koetting is on the right. Nate gets quiet excited about leaving a scar on the desert with his black magic rite.


This calls into question what Marie tells us about the intention being hijacked after all it beggars belief that her husband failed to tell her that he and Koetting had changed the flavour of the ritual to create a black magic scar in the desert. In the video, Nate seems excited about Koetting’s plans and there does not appear to be any mention of removing the blocks in human consciousness at all — it is 100 per cent dark fluff.

There is another scenario possible here. Both Nate and Maria say they are still going to Griffin’s conference but they will not be doing that ritual. However if they really were black magicians and wanting to open a hell mouth using innocent wiccans and GD types to feed it, wouldn’t they lie about it? The plan could be for Koetting to drum up the black magicians to make sure they are there, and Maria to reassure the wiccans and the GD types that everything was ok.

To be honest we don’t think anyone in this story is clever enough to do shit, we find the whole “dark fluff” thing amusing – the sort of games that the heavy metal kids play to try and look cool and get laid. If Evil could end the world with the fodder of Griffin, Nate and Koetting as its foot soldiers, megalomaniacs that are more talented would have done it a long time ago.

What the remit of Watchers of the Dawn is, is to catch out occult leaders when they are lying, and this one is a real whopper and we cant see who benefits. David is being associated with high pressure sales dark fluff and is left defending the indefensible.  While promoting dark fluff, Koetting and co are doing exactly the sort of things you expect from satanic twats and bringing the whole of the so called left hand path into disrepute. 

As far as being “Golden Dawn Terrorists” we hate to tell you David we are not members of the Golden Dawn. We are outsiders to your normal games… in other words we are the real world and it sees you as pure comedy. 

If you do not support the use of black magic to bring about the end of the world you are a RACIST, claims David Griffin

Op-ed by the Watchers

Clown prince of the Golden Dawn David “Sympathy for the Devil” Griffin is getting pissed off that people are not turning up to his convention in his AO temple grounds because they do not wish to have anything to do with a Satanic apocalypse ritual (see earlier stories).

He has come out fighting claiming that people who don’t like taking part in a black magic rite to end the world are being RACIST.

We had to go to the dictionary here because we could not see how Griffin made this leap of logic. According to the Oxford dictionary racisim is “The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”

You will notice that the word “race” gets used a lot in that definition? That is because racism is about race, it is not about what you do in your spare time. Therefore, someone who is being discriminated against because they want to end the world by invoking some Satanic creature, is not the same thing as someone who is being discriminated against because of the colour of their skin. There is a difference in being discriminated about because you are an idiot and being discriminated because of your skin colour.

Griffin’s identifies his poor Satanic black magicians with African Americans, he even somewhat sickly shows a picture of Martin Luther-King on his post. The implication is that if we embrace idiots who want to use magic to end the world, we are somehow joining against the struggle against prejudice.

Typically Griffin by attempting to latch on to a great man’s work, he exposes any flaws in his argument — Martin Luther-King would have been even more opposed to his Satan worshipping escapes in the desert than us. In fact, he famously said “Astrology is framed by the devil” and gave long sermons about evil and  Satan and how he did not like them.

Luther King said the following, which could apply to Griffin and his AO: “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”
In fact, if he had not been murdered by a real racist, Luther King would be rallying local churches to protest about the opening of a hell mouth in Nevada. So David Griffin’s definition of racist would apply to Martin Luther King!

Griffin has also been complaining that black magicians are not showing up for his conference because they are frightened about all the negativity about them.

The standards of foot soldiers in his Dark Satanic Majesty’s armies must have slipped considerably if Satanists are worried about what people say online. These guys are supposed to have sold their souls and should be fearless in their pursuit of evil, and not go crying to their mums and sulking their basements because someone took the piss out of them on the Internet.

What we are seeing here is a desperate attempt by Golden Dawn leader to spin his way out of trouble. But the people he wants others to accept are not real satanists, or dark or chaos magicians.  They are what is called in the UK “Dark Fluff” these are people who are 99 per cent form and marketing spin. They are leeches off the esoteric tradition out to make a fast buck out of death metal headbangers who think it is cool to say they worship a Christian god’s mortal enemy.  A shrink would say that these people are trying to get back at their Christian background by going the otherway.  These are not occultists.

Griffin has made a mistake by identifying himself and by proxy the AO and Golden Dawn group he rules. You cannot break bread with these types without being like them in some way. It is a problem we have noticed when talking to people in David Griffin’s order, who tip us off.  Universally they are an order which largely ignores its head. When they introduce themselves they say “I am with David’s Griffin’s Order, but my group refuses to get involved with the politics” when pressed further they say they have not met Griffin and would never go to his events.

For a long time Griffin fought Robert Zink and then cheered when his temple splintered away from its leader and went off and did their own things. By continually dragging down his AO group with his increasingly twisted logic and antics, we could easily predict that Griffin could go the same way.  People can only be stupid enough to  allow themselves to be identified with such a liability for so long.  To quote Martin Luther-King: “The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.”  Identification of the Golden Dawn and the AO with dark fluff satanists is not something that people are going to like or want.   They are not being Racists… they have just had enough of being lions led by a donkey.





Blood sacrifices as Satanic Hell Gate opens at David Griffin’s Golden Dawn conference

 As comedy Golden Dawn leader David Griffin tries to dismiss those who don’t accept the opening of a satanic hell mouth at his conference in Nevada as being “intolerant” and “sectarian.” his partner in crime for the event, the self-proclaimed “God” EA Koetting’s is making his life worse by denying everything that Griffin says..


Is David Griffin is the latest serpent with an Apple?

Already we revealed how what looked like a fun few days out in the desert with GD types and wiccans was actual a satanic attempt to open a hell mouth, but now it is looking more like a b grade horror film.

Writing in his Facebook page Koetting has said that he will be conducting a satanic ritual to bring about “the end” as the “Powerful will meet in the Nevada desert to rouse ten thousand serpents from the sand.”

“The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn has invited me to speak on the subject of opening dark gateways through blood ritual, and has for the first time in history sanctioned the performance of absolute black magick ceremony on their sacred temple grounds. Nate Bales, Nemo Alius, Scarlet Marie, myself, and any others who bear the Soul-Mark of Darkness and wish to step into the Void will perform a rite of Blackest Magick to usher in an Aeonic Rift on an apocalyptic scale.”

To paraphrase through the hyperbole, Koetting at the invitation of the “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn” will be teaching how to do blood sacrifices and then will bring about the end of the world within the “their sacred temple grounds”


So you opening a hellmouth to bring about the end of the world? Americans!

This will be embarrassing to David Griffin who has been doing his best to dispel all rumours. Earlier this week David Griffin wrote the following:

“Let me dispell a couple of false rumors. Actually, they have been addressed over and over, but my critics keep repeating allegations like a broken record as though they had never been answered:

1. MagickAll is not a “Golden Dawn Event.” It is an intertraditional gathering in the format of a local Pagan festival, albeit with a focus on Magickal traditions. 2. The views of traditions presenting at MagickAll are not necessarily those of the Alpha Omega. 3. The mission of MagickAll is to promote tolerance, patience and understanding between various religious faiths and magickal traditions. 4. Participation in any ritual or lecture is completely voluntary. Attendees are welcome to participate in as many or as few lectures and ritual demonstrations as they like 5. NO RITUAL EXCEPT RITUALS OF THE ALPHA OMEGA ITSELF WILL BE HELD INSIDE OF ISIS TEMPLE. PERIOD. 6. Some rituals will be held on our property, others will be held off property. Only official AO rituals will be held inside of Isis Temple””

So if these false rumours have been dispelled “over and over” why is one of the organisers continuing to tell people that he planning to do exactly what the rumours are saying —  “open a hell mouth in a “sacred golden dawn temple and will teach the art of blood magic.”  If the rumours are “false” then why are they being spread by the same person who claims he has David’s blessing? 

 It seems David has been chummy with some leading Satanists in his time. If you look at the copyright of his self-published “Ritual Magic” book, Griffin has credited a bloke called Carl Abrahamsson with some of the artwork. Abrahamsson translated the Satanic Bible into Swedish and was a long-time associate of the Church of Satan Anton Szandor LeVay. 

In another interesting connection, Abrahamsson ran a magazine called Fenris Wolf which was packed full of articles of interest to those who walk on the darker side of magic. In issue five we noted with interest an article written by one David Griffin and another by Dianus del Bosco Sacro. Sacro was David Griffin’s Italian secret chief who was promoted as a leading practitioner of “authentic Italian Witchcraft” to the Americans.  He is better known in Europe for his role as a Gnostic Bishop. Sacro fell out with Griffin and left him bereft of his Secret Chief connection with Europe.


Griffin with Bosco. We are uncertain why Griffin came to the event dressed as a clown, other than the fact that clowns are very Satanic and he is the clown prince of the Golden Dawn.


With friends like that, you have to wonder if David supports opening an “Aeonic Rift on an apocalyptic scale.”  After all it must get a little dull doing that GD communion all the time.



David Griffin surrenders to the Satanists and turns his Golden Dawn temple into a Dark Magic Stargate

There are moments where David Griffin is so wacky that we find it unbelievable. We just wish he would give us a break so we can report on some other weird groups.


Yep there is a black magic Stargate opening at David Griffin’s place, what possibly could go wrong. .

A public meeting being organised by the comedy head of the Rosicrucian Order of the AO David Griffin is being billed as a Satanic “sinister aeonic working of the highest order” by one of the organisers.

In a video found here   the self-proclaimed God and Satanist  E.A. Koetting describes what will be really going on at the MagickAll 2014 (April 5-13) at  Playa Survival Guide at Shadow Mountain.

Keotting said that rather it being a tame gathering of boring GD types and other traditions it will actually be a Satanic bang fest.

“I kinda been vague about it, because things have been formulating, but we’re going to be doing a sinister aeonic working of the highest order. We’re going to be opening up stargates that are going to cause a permanent and widespread shift in this aeon.”


Griffin’s Golden Dawn is going to be Ground Zero for a Satanic Force, claims E.A. Koetting

He said that Griffin’s AO temple is going to be “ground zero for some massive change.”  And I want everybody, everybody who feels it and is resonating with this work, and is able to, to come out to that,” Koetting said.

He said that the conference will be conducted on private property, owned by the Temple of Isis, a Golden Dawn temple in Nevada. The “people who are hosting it are probably the most bullshit free Golden Dawn Hermeticists I’ve ever known.”

“They have a vision that they’re expanding and expounding, and I’m going there to unite with them and start working together with everybody. I mean, that’s always been my thing and will always be my thing – is union and, you know, uniting with people… we can come together with our individual empires and change the world. That’s what Griffin is about, and that’s what the Temple of Isis is about, and – goddam it – that’s what Become a Living God is about,” Koetting.

And what is this vision that Koetting and Griffin are planning? Well according to the video it turns out that:

“Parump is going to be a black gateway that evening out there. And to be a part of it, man uh, I know I’m going to be involved… and yourself as well, you’re going to be driving this whole power house so.  Hey, it’s going to be cataclysmic! And, um yeah just like you said anybody that can get out there and be a part of this, is most invited,” he enthused.

It is not as if Koetting is dumping his black magic vision on Griffin as a surprise, according to him, he is in on it.

“In private conversations with David Griffin and Leslie his partner about this, uh this ritual, at first there were some concerns that I might have to tone down the black magick – that I might have to tone down the sinisterness of it. And basically, uh, we came to an understanding that that’s not really the way that any of us want to operate.  That, I mean, look dude it’s balls out or nothing.  And so we’re, uh, this is going to be a monumental black magick working.

“ I mean there’s nothing, there’s nothing that’s being, uh, no corners are being cut for this one.  No censoring has been done at all. So, you know, I can’t even start to tell you what – you know, I know you know – but the general audience, I can’t even start to tell you what exactly is going to be going on.”

“But, uh, when you think ‘black magic’, and you think, uh, you know dark gods returning to the Earth through an a-causal gateway – this is it. I mean, we’re pulling out all the stops, uh, so you gotta be there and take part of it,” said Koetting

The plan is to do a “gatekeeper ritual” from the Book of Azazel, which was a book written by Koetting himself. He assures us they are going to leave an “eternal scorch mark that will last for aeons to come” at Davie’s place.

Now we are aware that this could all be bullshit to get cheap publicity for the event from  those who think that Satanism is cool and want to show up to see the hell mouth open with the blessing of the Golden Dawn and Koetting. However, there is something that many Griffin watchers were a little surprised about it.

If David Griffin supports suddenly support Satanists then why did he say this in his blog?

“Rumours have circulated since 2005 of a “Satanist coup” at the highest levels of leadership of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (S.R.I.A.).”   For those who came in late, David Griffin claimed that SRIA was seeking to undermine his order. So if SRIA was run by Satanists then it was Satanists who were attacking him.

“As Imperator of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the outer order of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega, our order is certainly NOT led by Satanists.”

Well we guess it is ok so long as you are not a Satanist, you can at least give them a venue and take part in their black rites, eh David.

“Rest assured, I will not be deterred from exposing the festering Satanism that has infected the top levels of SRIA, no matter how many names SRIA sock puppets call the Alpha Omega, my family or me on the Internet,” – David Griffin. Look out your window David, the Satanists are opening demonic portals in your temple apparently with your blessing and you are encouraging them.


What Griffin says he thinks Satanists are.

In truth, we have nothing against Satanists, but David clearly did, at least when he was claiming that there was a Satanic conspiracy attempting to undermine his group.  It seems he has just surrendered to the black magicians.

It is worthwhile pointing out that this event was backed by the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea’s Nick Farrell advertised it on his blog and said that “David Griffin is a perfect example of a Golden Dawn leader and his teachings should be studied.”



David Griffin has confirmed that he will be allowing Satanists to open a portal to hell within his AO temple.  He said he is totally inclusive in his group and will take anyone anyone who objects to  committing acts of unspeakable evil  is religiously  intolerant.  One thing that he failed to mention in his reply is the word Satan or Satanism.  It is fairly clear from our post and his chum’s videos that they are planning black magic on a grand scale. He failed to mention any of that in the advertising and there are a few of his none AO  guests are actually sworn not to do any black magic. Griffin’s answer to this is similar to the Chinese Government. He is suppressing and censoring the news so that people who are going will not find out about it until they get there.  He has issued orders that anyone who links to this blog on Facebook will be banned.  We suggest that anyone who reads this blog distribute it so that David and Koetting’s plan gets talked about. That way people who go to his event will be informed what they are talking part in before they get there.  Like we said we don’t really object to Satanism any more than we do Thelema or Wicca, what we object to is people getting roped into performing black magic without being told about it in advance.





Search engine optimization for Golden Dawn groups


If you want to attract a lot of interest from Nazis to your site, the quickest way is to accuse other people of being them. If you are Golden Dawn group, you have an additional advantage as real Nazis sometimes type in “Golden Dawn -occult” into their searches. 

It strikes us as unlikely that any real magical golden dawn group  would want  Nazi’s tipping up on their site, but if you do here are a few tips.

If you type in the phrase “SRIA are Nazis seeking to destroy the Golden Dawn,” into your blog most of your readers will be the Far Right. In fact, Google in its wisdom lists the following top five entries: 

Athens: Police Attack Antifascists, Protect Neo-nazi Golden Dawn ……‎

World View: Greece’s Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party Will Adopt New ……/3-Feb-14-World-View-Greece-s-neo…‎

“EXPOSED: SRIA and Holocaust Denial:” The Golden Dawn Saga…/exposed-neo-nazis-sria-and-holo…‎

Golden Dawn Arrests Come Just Five Days After World Jewish …….

TRUTH: Golden Dawn Nazis Exposed – Cicero, Zink, Babwahsingh …‎

Only two of those sites are loosely golden dawn related. The last one was an anonymous attack site created by someone who wanted to hammer all the leaders of the Golden Dawn into a Nazi fantasy they were having in 2009.

If you are a member of the Golden Dawn and you do not want to attract jack booted Nazis into your ranks then screaming paranoid racist-hate, pictures of book burnings, using words like “Holocaust,” “anti-Semitism,” “Nazi,” “Hitler,” “revisionist history” along with pictures of people dressed in KKK clothes, or German uniforms and Nazi rallies, is the quickest way to draw the wrong crowd. This is the language of the Far Right and what they are searching for.

Of course, if you are setting up a Golden Dawn temple as a Thule style front for the Far Right, then you should really bang on about racism, conspiracies and use the word Nazi as often as you can. They will come swarming to your site as fast as their jack-boots can bring them and you can sign them up.

We apologize to any real Nazis who might have been driven to this page in the hope of finding out more about their backward and retarded philosophy. No, we do not really; we hope you all die in a fire and love the fact we might have pissed one of you bullet headed nutjobs off.. However, we wanted to make a point for the purposes of this article.

Godwin’s law means that whenever you bring up Nazis, or call someone one, then really you have nothing more to say.

Thanks to Google for helping us with that.